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Favorite Feminist Erotica

Originally posted on BeVibrant.com, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ sex toy shop that has since been shut down. Reproduced here with permission.

Erotica, for those who don’t already partake, is any work of art with sex as a central focus—and the reason for consumption—that does not cross the line into pornography. This includes photography, literature, dance, sculpture, film, and really any medium that captures the human form and appetites in a compelling and sexy way. So yes, the definition is a bit vague. And pornography is hard to define as well, as the Supreme Court can attest; so erotica has, in some circles, garnered a reputation for being more sophisticated pornography, and in others, it’s just diet-porn. The recent SESTA/FOSTA acts further illustrate how difficult and problematic it is define pornography and other levels of sexual content.

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