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Introducing the Hybrid Orgasm: How to Find Your G Spot

Originally posted on BeVibrant.com, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ sex toy shop that has since been shut down. Reproduced here with permission.

The debate about the fabled G spot’s existence is long and heated, and for good reason: women regularly put up with enough BS that if there is a certain kind of orgasm we are missing out on, we need to know about it. If you’re a vulva-having person, chances are, at some point in your life, your Google search history looked something like this:

Does everyone have a G spot?

How do I find my G spot?

How can my partner find my G spot?

I don’t have a G spot

Do I have a G spot?

Are you sure?

Are you sure you’re sure?

Siri, pull up directions to my G spot

But, lucky for me, I got to chat with Satisfyer’s Director of EducationMegwyn White, and she brought the answers. Not only answers, but she introduced me to a type of orgasm I’d never even heard of before: the hybrid orgasm (also referred to as the blended orgasm). And the best news of all? It can help you to find your G spot.

What Is the Hybrid Orgasm?

The hybrid orgasm is a pretty big deal and could be life-changing. The hybrid orgasm combines the sensations of vaginal penetration with clitoral stimulation for a heightened sense of orgasm. Bonus: a simple process can help you harness the hybrid orgasm. But what does this have to do with helping you find your G spot? Everything.

As Megwyn explained to me, the G spot is less of a spot, and more of a region. While biologists had been looking for something akin to a button or a physical structure, the G spot is nothing like that. The G spot is simply the juncture where the two bulbs (the internal body of the clitoris) meet. Megwyn called it a superhighway of nerves. But the reason you may have had trouble finding it is that often the clitoris needs to be stimulated for the G spot to be stimulated, since they are really two parts of the same nerve structure. Mind. Blown.

Let’s get technical for a minute. The G spot is where the separation of the internal body of the clitoris and the urethral sponge meet. The urethral sponge is teeming with nerves, and it surrounds the urethra and resides in the space between the clitoris and the vaginal canal. This urethral sponge is made up of erectile tissues which, when stimulated, engorge with blood. This pivotal juncture isn’t a sole anatomical structure, but a bridge between many.

Speaking of bridges, breath and the subsequent sensual embodiment are bridges between the sensual tissues of the G spot and the full-bodied, orgasmic potential of the vagus nerve. And, according to Megwyn, hybrid orgasms help stimulate more of the pelvic center through dual stimulation and play. Adding the depth of breath allows the body to facilitate a surge in arousal through the visceral body. Basically, to amplify your orgasmic expression, use slow, diaphragmatic pelvic floor breath (the same breath that vocalists use to improve volume and range). The slow breath aligns with the slow speed when using the Satisfyer Pro 2, and the wave pulse stimulation helps trigger the pelvic floor complex.

Hybrid orgasm is good for your physical health, sexual health, and mental health. It’s pelvic floor training meets sexual meditation meets masturbation. It’s basically super self-care.

How Can I Practice the Hybrid Orgasm and Find My G Spot?

This simple series of mindful exercises can help you find your G spot if you have not yet located it. You’re going to need three things: a chair, some Kegel balls, and a Satisfyer Pro-2.

For newbies to this practice, the seated posture is best. Once you’re a pro, you can try the advanced position: standing! Sit in a comfortable chair with your knees at 90-degree angles and feet flat on the floor. For better access to your vagus nerve (that handy little marvel that unites your mind to your body), place your hand on your heart. Slow breath can help this sexual meditation because connecting with your breath helps deepens the orgasmic experience by keeping you relaxed.

Next, insert the Kegel balls, which help train the vaginal canal muscles and lift the pelvic floor. If you haven’t done Kegel exercises before, starting with a single ball lying on your back is a great position. Once you can sit upright and hold the balls in with ease, it will be simpler to do Kegel training without contracting your glutes or abs (aka cheating). Once you can easily do three to five second contractions, then you can scale up. If the ball falls out, you need more practice.

Then, you’ll use the Satisfyer Pro-2 at its lowest settings. The Pro-2 will use suction to essentially wake up your clitoris both internally and externally, and the Kegel balls will be right up against your G spot, like a sexy little GPS. The pelvic floor exercise in combination with the stimulation from the Pro-2 will give you a real, live demo of where your G spot is, and before you know it, you’ll be in the midst of the hybrid orgasm.

Lots of suction devices are out there, but the Satisyfer Pro-2 is exceptional at accessing the vagus nerve, and with strong vagal tone comes better management of stress, along with a host of other benefits. The way that the Satisfyer Pro-2 works is through contactless pressure wave stimulation (read: suction). Plus, it has eleven intensity settings, is waterproof and whisper-quiet, and has a skin-friendly silicone head which is optimized for surrounding the clit more effectively and is removable for cleaning.

How Do I Choose Correctly-Sized Kegel Balls That Will Help Me Have a Blended Orgasm and Find My G Spot?

There’s a lot of different Kegel balls you can choose from, so don’t dive in at the deep end: instead, consider your experience.

The Mono Balls 3-piece Training Set by Satisfyer is made with velvety, body-safe silicone, and includes three different waterproof weights, with a retrieval loop on each weight for ease of use. The blue weight, at 2.18oz/61.9g, is a perfect starting point to begin Kegel strengthening. If you find the blue balls a breeze, you can move on to the medium pink weight at 2.89oz/82.1g. The red balls are the heaviest, at 3.45oz/97.9g.

If you want to scale up, the Duo Balls 3-piece Training Set by Satisfyer are a bit heavier, and each strand has a double ball.

Or, for a unique sensation, try out the Duo Moving Balls 3-Piece Set by Satisfyer. These balls oscillate, adding an additional layer of fun to your hybrid orgasm self-care routine.

No matter which set you choose, you can get all the body-safe, hybrid orgasm tools you need – the Kegel balls and the Pro-2 – for well under $100. That’s a pretty exciting price point for what could be some life-changing support in your quest to find your G spot, be more mindful while masturbating, create more pelvic floor strength, or whatever your goal may be.

Have Questions About How to Find Your G Spot? The Vibrant experts can help recommend body-safe pleasure toyshow-to books, and more that will help you find your G spot or connect with your body in other ways. Chat with us, and we can help recommend the product that’s perfect for you. We’re available 9am-9pm EST daily on our website chat (just push the purple button at the bottom right!) or call us at 866-316-VIBE(8423).

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