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Product Guide to the Woke Male’s Bedroom

Originally posted on BeVibrant.com, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains’ sex toy shop that has since been shut down. Reproduced here with permission.

This one goes out to all the progressive gents out there. You proudly sport your “Trust Women” pin and “I’m With Her” bumper sticker. So, your bedroom shouldn’t be the only place in your life that’s reminiscent of a bygone era, filled with decaying, tired toys of yore. Those well-traveled fossils are better suited for the Metropolitan Museum of Things No One Uses Anymore than for a night of fun. It’s 2019, and now more than ever, people who identify as woke males are enjoying the realm of feminist sex, which is excellent news for everyone! Check out our tips below on how to stock your nightstand so you can be sure you are ready for any and every situation.

Safe Sex Is Good Sex

Sexual health is the cornerstone of an empowered sex life, so keeping condoms and dental dams on hand is a must. These sexy, Classic Vegan Condoms by L.are clutch.

Also, try these mint-flavored Dental Dams by Trust, which can be used vaginally or anally! They also come in strawberry or vanilla. Yum!

Lube is always necessary to ensure both comfort and safety during sex. Try the top shelf Uberlube Personal Lubricant, which works great with (most!) condoms but shouldn’t be used with a silicone sex toy.

If you’re using your favorite silicone sex toy, try the Sliquid Organics Natural, which is infused with clean, certified organic botanical extracts, plus it’s vegan!

Pampering Products

To get ready for a night of indulgence, try on this Sliquid Escape Massage Oil,which is unscented and vegan.

It pairs perfectly with the Contoured Ceramic Massage Stone by Jimmyjane – an ergonomic and easy to clean massager that can be heated or cooled to add an exciting dynamic to sensual massage.

Sex Toy Woke Up Call

Body safe toys are sexy. And there’s nothing woke-er than buying a sex toy that supports Planned Parenthood at the same time.

Woke folks, if you haven’t tried a penis toy, you are missing out. The Apollo Max Reversible Penis Masturbator can spice up partnered sex or change your masturbating game and add a little fun to the routine. It’s textured for new sensations. Just add some lube and stroke away!

People with vulvas are frequently asked if they have condoms on hand, but woke males, do you have a vibrator? The woke male’s bedroom is incomplete without one! Don’t be the guy who is toyless, or whose sex toy collection hasn’t been updated since the days of Crystal Pepsi and No Fear t-shirts and is loaded with prehistoric, toxic sex toys. Because that’s not who you are. As a woke male, hopefully you’re well aware that folks with vulvas don’t always reach orgasm from thrusting alone.

So, if you have partners with vulvas, keep some vibrators on hand! The O-Wand by Mr and Mrs Toy will definitely do the trick. Plus, you can also buy the penis sleeve for extra options.

Woke folks definitely will want to leave no area unexplored, so try some anal toys! The Earth Quaker Anal Vibe by VeDo is a spectacular vibrating, waterproof string of anal beads for solo or partnered play.

Lastly, if you’re all set on body-safe sex toys, check out Vibrant’s sex-positive book collectionand learn some new pleasurable techniques to keep in your repertoire.

Shop Vibrant’s Collection of Body-Safe Products for the Woke Male’s Bedroom!

Vibrant has an array of body-safe sex toys for every body. Check out our curated collection of toys and books, too! Or, chat with us, and we can help recommend the product that’s perfect for you. We’re available 9am-9pm EST daily on our website chat (just push the purple button at the bottom right!) or call us at 866-316-VIBE(8423).

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